Hand-crafted natural soy wax candles

Aromatherapy candles made of 100% natural, sustainable ingredients and 100% pure essential oils

These unique candles are all made of natural soy wax, from environmentally friendly, renewable resources. Compared to traditional ingredients, soy wax burns cleaner and slower, what results your candle lasts longer.
Not to mention the
gentle, light essential oil scents

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How to burn your candles to get the best possible result?

Candles are such an everyday item, we do not even think if there are certain rules to keep to have the chance to fully enjoy our chosen one. With these short instructions you can enlarge the burning time of your tin/jar candle and enjoy not just an excellent scent but a beautiful smooth surface too.


1. Trim the wick

Each time you plan to burn your candle, start by trimming the wick about 0.5 cm (0.20 inches) long. You can use scissors but I prefer nail clippers because trimmed wicks will give you a cleaner, brighter burn and keeps the flame in control.


2. Let the wax melt all the way across

Once your candle is lit, DON'T blow it out until the top layer of wax has melted all the way across. This might take several hours depending on the size of your candle but important: whenever you fail to achieve full melt, you're contributing to a process called tunnelling. It means the wick starts to sink lower and lower, like a tunnel is forming right through the center of the candle. If you melt the wax all the way across every time you burn, the surface of the candle will stay flat and the sides of the tin (or jar) will stay clean, all the way down.


3. Keep the flame away from moving air

Do your best to keep your burning candle away from open windows, fans, air conditioners or heavily trafficked areas where people walk back and forth a lot. Moving air can disturb the flame, which can also stain the tin or jar, and can give you tunneling and other issues.Now you can get the most out of your HerbaSoap candles!

All candles are hand poured which can cause slight differences, sometimes even "frosting" pattern on top which is a natural effect of soy wax and in no way affects the burn ability or fragrance of a candle. Normally disappears after lighting the candle for the first time.