Hand-crafted natural rustic soaps

All soaps made of 100% natural, sustainable ingredients

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Kindly note that every bar of soap will vary slightly, as that’s the nature of pouring by hand to create each batch. Depending on the design, it may run through the full bar or it may not. You will receive a truly unique bar of soap, and we hope you like it. 

Being environmentally aware, we are only using sustainable ingredients, so there are
no mica, palm oil, SLS or parabens in the soap bars.

All soaps are 100% handmade using the traditional cold process method. They are made in small batches and takes 6 weeks to rest, cure and become lovely bubbly bars of soap to enjoy. Each batch is hand mixed, poured, cut and wrapped by hand, giving each piece personal attention so that your bath or shower is a luxurious experience.

All soaps you can trust, recipes are audited and certified by CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report) in the UK.